Val | General Manager
[email protected]

Hey! My name is Val. I’m a junior Communication Studies major from the Boston, MA area. This is my third year as a KUPS DJ, and second year on Core Staff. I’m a freak for dance music and love to (try to) have fun.

In addition to overseeing the radio station’s operations, I also work at the SUB, so don’t be too surprised when I ask if you want it hot or cold…

Office Hours:
Wed 11-12 Thurs 2-4 Fri 9-10
Lawrence | Operations Advisor
[email protected]


Oversees the station. Keeps us in check. 

Station Staff

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Isabelle | Production Director
[email protected]

Heya, I’m a junior, Chemistry and French major from Minnesota. This is my second year working with KUPS. I’ve always loved music and the radio, but my interests are more in line with the technical aspect.

If something is broken or not working, let me know and I’ll see what I can do about it.

Office Hours:
Mon 1-3 Tues/Thurs 12-1
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Thomas | Production Director
[email protected]

Howdy y’all! I’m currently a Junior at UPS working towards a Psych major and a Chinese minor. I love all kinds of music especially noise, metal and country so if you ever need a good recommendation don’t feel afraid to ask! My hobbies include: Sculpting, playing guitar, and collecting weird/eccentric vinyl.

Office Hours:
Mon 3-4 Wed 2-4 Thurs 11-12
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Aidan | Marketing and Promotions Director
[email protected] / [email protected] / [email protected]

My name is Aidan and I am one of two Marketing and Promotions Directors for KUPS! I’m a senior who studies Religion and German and I just got back from a year spent abroad in Berlin. I have had shows playing German music and all-women solo artists. Outside of KUPS I am involved with The Trail as their News Section Editor and with the Norton Clapp theater as one of their stage carpenters.

Office Hours:
Mon 10-12
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Nayra | Programming Director
[email protected]

Hi, my name is Nayra and I am the Programming Director for KUPS. I am a junior, Communication Studies major and Politics and Government minor. I was previously the Alternative Music Director, and I remain passionate about alternative music, specifically emo, shoegaze, hardcore, etc.

Aside from KUPS, I’m the Arts and Events Editor for the Trail and I work at the Cellar. Catch me eating/making pizza and listening to/spinning tunes in my second home, the basement of the SUB!

Office Hours:
Tues 10-12 Fri 2-4
Owen | Business Director
[email protected]

Hello! I’m Owen and I am a senior from the beautiful city of Portland, OR majoring in music with a minor in business. This is my first year working for KUPS. In my spare time I enjoy cooking, steaming whole milk, and singing simultaneously with with other people. If you want to give us money I’m your boy!

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Lily | Marketing and Promotions Director
[email protected] / [email protected] / [email protected]

Hi, I’m Lily & I’m a junior Communications major! I love music!! and my favorite types of music are hip-hop, electronic and r&b. In my free time, I enjoy mixing, Italian food, reading and petting my dog.

Office Hours:
Mon 10-12 Wed 12-2
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Nick | Communications Engineer
[email protected]

What’s up! I’m Nick. I’m big into the ocean and the beach and anything with a board (skateboard, snowboard, and soon surf too). I write, record, and perform music in my free time, and I keep the website tight! But mostly I think about the beach.

Office Hours:
Mon/Fri 10-12
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Sophia | Media Director
[email protected]

Hey my name is Sophia I and a sculpture and french double major and I am the media director for Kups! When I’m not making sculpture I am getting involved in different art events in Tacoma, climbing or cooking!

Music Directors

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Justin | Hip-Hop Music Director
[email protected]

Hello, my name is Justin Loye from the city of San Diego. I love that sweet sweet hip hop and 90’s midwestern emo. I am a senior Chinese and history double major.

Office Hours:
Mon/Wed/Fri 10-11
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Fiona | Co-Specialty Music Director
[email protected]

My name is Fiona and I’m a co-specialty music director at KUPS. I’m a senior from Portland, OR majoring in Politics and Government with a U.S. emphasis and an African American Studies minor. I’ve had a show since sophomore year and have worked at the radio station since junior year.

Because I don’t play instruments or sing (in front of people), I express my musical interests through sharing what I like on air. I listen to many genres and can’t possibly narrow down what my top picks are, so you’ll have to swing by my office hours if you ever wanna chat about tunes !

Office Hours:
Thur 1-3 Fri 10-12 
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Maxx | Co-Alternative Music Director
[email protected]

hi my name is maxx I got a basketball game tomorrow, well imma SOAN major, I got disc game. I like animal crossing, jeopardy, denim, the oscars, brie cheese, oh and music. come say hi to me sometime and tell me your favorite vine and or smoothie.

Office Hours:
Mon/Thu 3-5
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Ezra | Co-Alternative Music Director
[email protected]

Hi, my name is Ezra and I love music. My show this semester showcases the Japanese noise scene and all of the bands it influenced here in the states. In addition to KUPS, I work at Diversions cafe and love reading, watching basketball, and singing.

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Evan | Co-Specialty Music Director
[email protected]

Hey! My name is Evan and I’m a Senior from Salt Lake City, Utah majoring in English and minoring in Communications. My music taste really is all across the board (I’m aware it’s cliché and a cop out, I’m sorry).

I spend most of my free time drinking unhealthy amounts of coffee and staring at lines in books for unhealthy periods of time. Come and talk with me about whatever you’d like, music or otherwise!

Office Hours:
Wed/Fri 11-1 
Hugh | Loud Rock Music Director
[email protected]

Hi! I’m Hugh, and I’m a sophomore from Massachusetts. This is my first year on Core Staff and second year as a KUPS DJ, although I’ve been doing radio for quite some time. I enjoy all kinds of music but I’m most knowledgeable about indie rock, hardcore, and metal. Aside from radio, I’m a musician and writer, and have been playing in various punk bands around the northeast for a few years now. I drink far too much Arizona iced tea.

Talk to me about your scene phase.
Office Hours:
Mon 12-2 Fri 1-3