DJ Spotlight – Cameron Milton

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Cameron Milton

DJ(S): Cameron Milton

Genre: Specialty

Show: “Punchbowl”

Year: Sophomore

Major: Studio Arts, SOAN and religious studies minor

Hometown: Littleton, CO


Tell me about your show

It’s called “Punchbowl”. My idea with that is that with punch, you pour stuff together and mix it all to make one cohesive whole. So essentially it’s just a variety show, but every week I’ll take different sub-genres in the alternative genre. I feel like alt is so overarching and ubiquitous, and its cool to see how different artists take influence from other genres and pull them into alt, which is what I really like.


What does your background with music look like?

Growing up, I always played a lot of music. It’s really important to my family, and my parents just always had music playing in the background. I think it’s just a part of my family, and I’m just really passionate about it. I think it’s something that’s part of my wellness. Music always puts me in a good headspace, and there’s so much great music out there that isn’t being heard right now.


What made you decide to have a KUPS show?

At my old school, Boulder, they had a huge radio but it was really competitive and I could never get a show, so coming here I was really interested and I wanted to just jump in and I’m really happy that I got a show.


What are you listening to right now?

There’s so many incredible black women that having been putting out really good authentic music lately. My all time favorite right now is this girl named Kadhja Bonet. She’s this classically trained musician and she has a lot of classical influence in her songs, but she ties in R&B and folk and soul. She’s so interesting and captivating to me in that she doesn’t really have a genre. Her music style is so new and original and I like that a lot.


Tune into Punchbowl Friday’s at 11 am!

(Interview by Liv Plihal, KUPS Hip Hop Director)