DJ Spotlight – Adreanna // Ashley

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DJ(S): Adreanna // Ashley

Genre: Specialty

Show: “ Everyday Gays: Average Gays Living an Above Average Gay Life”

Monday’s 6pm-7pm

Year: Sophomores

Major: Adreanna: English, Ashley: Politics & Government

Hometown:Adreanna: Denver, Ashley: Wyoming


What made you decide to have a KUPS show?

Adreanna: We’re conceded and we think we are very very funny and that people should listen to us when we speak, so we thought we should do that through the radio.

Ashley: Now that we have a show,we just like being able to discuss things in a non-academic setting. Just being able to talk about your personal experience is really refreshing.


Tell me about your show

Ashley: Our show is an exploration of queer life on campus and in the world at large, mostly from our perspectives. Every week we talk about a hot topic in the queer community and in our lives.

Adreanna: It’s half advice, part philosophy debate, and then kind of just like therapy for both of us.


What kind of artists do you usually play?

Adreanna: We play mostly queer artists, and kind of whatever songs relate to the topic we’re talking about that week.


Do you think your show is helping anyone on campus?

Adreanna: I think it’s helping us. We’ve really grown a lot through it and it’s taught me a lot about broadcasting and possibly a future career in radio.

Ashley: Our friends listen to it and we think it’s had a positive impact on them.


(Interview by Liv Plihal, KUPS Hip Hop Director)