Nola and Willa

DJ Spotlight – Nola // Willa

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DJ(S): Nola // Willa

Genre: Specialty

Show: “ The O.G’z”

Year: Freshmen

Major: Nola: English, Willa: Art

Hometown: Minneapolis


What made you decide to have a KUPS show?

Nola: We love Minnesota
Willa: We miss Minnesota


Tell me about your show

It’s all Minnesota based music, artists from Minnesota, based out of it, or about it. Some of it is inspired by nostalgia and artists that we grew up listening to or saw in concert and want to share. Some of it is finding new stuff we’ve never heard before or sharing new music with each other from where we’re both from.


What kind of artists do you usually play?

Generally alternative, but some folk and pop as well. Minnesota has a lot of artists, so we wanted to show as many as possible. We play Bob Dylan, Caroline Smith, Prince, and other classic Minnesota artists.


What are you listening to right now?

Willa: I’ve been listening to a lot of Aldous Harding, the Dirty Projectors and the Cranberries.
Nola: A lot of the Mountain Goats


(Interview by Ezra Hecht, KUPS Alt Director)