KUPS Alternative Director’s TOP 5 Albums of Fall 2017 Rotation

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By Nayra Halajian


KUPS gets sent a LOT of music throughout the year. Every week of the Fall 2017 semester, Chloe and I would sort through it, create a rotation of albums we thought were good, and send them to our DJs. DJs would play the songs they liked on their shows. The following are my favorite albums that we put on rotation this semester!


5. Peactea – N. America

Fave Track: “Good To Be”

While this artist is not known to many, they deserve to be. Using catchy guitar riffs and a mix of live drums and drum tracks, this Nashville artist takes indie in a different direction. There is a sort of pleasantness to the album that is much needed considering the chaos of this past year.



4. Emily Yacina – Heart Sky

Fave Track: “Bad Kid”

Yacina truly embodies the DIY spirit in this album, and she does it really well. Her home recorded, self-release album is soft and beautiful, while maintaining strength. This is the perfect album to listen to while walking around Tacoma, rain or shine.



3. Citizen – As You Please

Fave Track: “I Forgive No One”

Citizen is heavy, and the high production quality of this album creates a largeness that I haven’t heard in a while. Their early 2000s sound, a combination of emo and punk, is nostalgic yet new. This is an album you can headbang to.



2. Angel Olsen – Phases

Fave Track: “Sweet Dreams”

Though these songs are not quite new since this is a collection of b-sides, rarities, and demos from the past few years, it’s hard not to include it on the list. This was one of the most played albums on KUPS and for good reason! Angel Olsen has an unimaginable range, and these songs show her progression as an artist.



1. Melkbelly – Nothing Valley

Fave Track: “Helloween”

This Chicago noise band utilizes thudding drums and sharp guitar riffs, mixing them together in an exciting mess of distortion. I was lucky enough to get to see them open for the Breeders in Seattle and was in shock and awe after their performance. Definitely my favorite music discovery of this year, all thanks to rotation!