DJ of the Week – Val Bauer

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* DJ of the Week – Val Bauer *


DJ: Val Bauer // DJ Cyberval

Genre: Electronic

Show: “Morning Mallsoft”

Year: Freshman

Major: English

Hometown: Weymouth, Massachusetts


What kind of show do you have and how long have you been a KUPS DJ?

I have a show called Morning Mallsoft, I play mostly future funk and vaporwave. But I also do atmospheric interludes, which is mallsoft, which is basically a sub-genre within vaporwave – where it’s literally the sound of walking through a mall. So it’s more of an experience than music, if that makes sense. And I’ve been a KUPS DJ since last semester, which was my first semester here.


How did you get introduced to the music you play on your show?

Well, I first found vaporwave last summer. I found it on YouTube or something and I thought it was really cool because it was the sounds I was used to hearing as a child because I really liked video games and stuff and anime, so just hearing those sounds recontextualized and made into something different was really cool to me.


Where do you find most of the music you play?

It depends – I go between YouTube, Bandcamp, and Spotify.


What was the first concert you ever went to?

I think when I was like, six, my mom took me to The Cheetah Girls and Aly & AJ, and The Jones Brothers opened for them.


Sounds LIT, oh my god. Do you remember it?

It was before they were big so it was kind of a big deal. I remember being there – I don’t remember that much though.


What was the first CD/vinyl/cassette tape you bought?

What’s the album that “Sk8er Boi” by Avril Lavigne is on?


Oh, “Let Go.” Such a good album.



Who are some of your favorite musicians/albums?

I’ve been really into lo-fi house lately, so stuff like Mall Grab, Ross from Friends, Route 8. For the past year, I’ve also really been into Oneohtrix Point Never, and it’s cool because I’m from a suburb 30 miles away from Boston, and he also is, but in a different direction and I didn’t know that before I started listening to him. So it was cool because not that many people are from Massachusetts I feel like.


What’s your favorite part of being a DJ?

I’ve really grown passionate about mixing. I think it’s super fun and my friend and I actually bought a mixing console and we’ve been playing around with it a lot. I think it’s so cool. And also just being able to discover music and find like-minded people and share that is really awesome because when I went to high school, no one really listened to the same music as me.

(Interview by Shanna Williams, Digital Media Director)