~ Interview with the Women.Weed.WiFi Collective ~

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(Photo by Allyce Andrew – @allyand_)

You told me you ladies are going out of state mid February, what are you guys up to?
WWW: We have family and related responsibilities all over, so we are heading up and down the coast to take care of business. We stopped in LA to host our first out of state Smoke + Stretch workshop (guided meditation with our custom blend of herbal cigarettes and yoga) and go to some shows.


How did you get involved with Toe Jam? What was the experience of hosting like?
Toe Jam truly captured our hearts as the crowd was just as lit if not more than our Seattle crowd. The bar was in full throttle pouring everyone’s drinks and we were there every step of the way. Folks were very receptive to our art, many copped zines and weren’t shy whatsoever. DJ Tayzoven (Taylor) understands the ideal atmosphere for artists to play and network and reached out to the same homies that we collaborate with too. So it was inevitable that we crossed paths. Our videographer that edits our show, Blunted On Reality, Donnette finally connected us and it was game over!


You guys put out a zine, tell me about it!?
We just released Once Upon A Lit Time, the third issue of our zine. It is a beautiful compilation of stories from women across the country and globe about late nights, pain, and vices. All three issues of our zine can be purchased through our website and online store.


What was your first experience with weed? How long until it became apart of your lifestyle?
Kenya Kush: The first time I smoked weed was in high school. I was also really drunk and threw up…and smelled it the next day and threw up again lol. I started smoking regularly once the positive effects on my health—mental, physical, and spiritual were undeniable. Like anything else, the relationship is always evolving and blossoming.

J-Nasty: On a family vacation to Mexico in 9th grade I purchased a weed leaf shaped pipe and  because it was made out of clay my parents had no idea what it was. The same day I returned I called the homies for show and tell. The only pot I had on me was a dry acorn-hued nugget that I stole from my older brother. The bowl was pretty wide so all we got was burnt scooby snacks and didn’t have much more to experiment with. Fast forward to college when I first discovered tools like a smoking screen it clicked why the first time failed lol.

Stoney SPICE: My first time smoking I was a freshman in high school. Two friends of mine and I snuck out to meet with an older guy friend. It was dead winter, snow everywhere and we parked in his family’s wheat field, as if that wasn’t odd hahaha. He brought his 3-foot bong and the rest is history. Of course I didn’t get a high like my two girlfriends, but a few lunchtime smoke seshes later and I knew my love for this magical plant was a forever kind of thing.


You guys have a big focus on destigmatizing weed-smoking women. Explain why this is relevant and important.

Our art and everything we show is based on real life. We just are honest in portraying that. It is not necessarily that women smoking is taboo, but it definitely is not portrayed how it is in real life. Most images of women smoking weed include bikinis and booty shorts, which isn’t to say we don’t smoke out at the beach and the club, but usually we are just chilling with our friends or alone and that’s important to show as well. Additionally, most representations of women smoking online are white women, which is really a continuum of the silence/erasure of women of color in mainstream media and culture, so our presence is a reminder that we aren’t going anywhere and that in many ways weed is connected to our ancestral knowledge and need for healing in our communities.  We live unapologetically, and it’s dope when women tell us how they are becoming more comfortable with their lifestyles or decisions in general because of our work.


We are a campus radio station so I have to ask – what are you guys listening to right now? What should WE be listening to right now?

Music heavily influences our daily operations. Anywhere between multi-instrumental infused jazz to UK grime to  hardcore punk. We are all vibe directors so it’s dope to be saturated with classic jams and current hitters every hour we’re together; whether its rainforest sounds while we’re meditating or Gucci when we’re preparing for dinner. A lot of hot new singles just dropped like SZA and Little Dragon.. Listening to FIN (Syd, from the Internet) right now and of course, Kanye.


If you guys could collaborate with anyone, who would it be and what would you do? It could be musically, artistically, or whatever are imagining.

Kenya Kush: I would love to see a Women.Weed.WiFi x Rihanna collaboration— we are definitely on the same wavelength and it would be so fun to smoke blunt after blunt with her while making dreams come true. The future looks bright for artist collaborations, so I’d like us to continue to work with artists in as many different disciplines as possible.

J-Nasty: Hiii Ri Ri! We have in the past styled and directed photoshoots so that’s something we will continue to do for sure. Having no limits allows us to link the creative to the unknown.  Smoking our ritual blunts equals always having our finger on the pulse of what’s next, so we strive to highlight and introduce the best up and coming talent… like Killavesi or Jeeba + so so much more.

Stoney SPICE: I can def agree with the RiRi wave. But, if I were to choose a music artist; Kanye. Canvas artist; Rob Regis @Rob_regis. But this is a hard question to answer! We vibe with so many movements. Any collab is possible, it’s all about timing.


What’s next for you all as a collective? Is anything new in the works?

Smoke and stretch sessions on the regular, monthly local trade show called The Black Market, visiting/promoting cannabis farms/labs, and continue community outreach. We have an art show with Make Space Zine in the Spring. Another Toe Jam x WWWifi sanctuary,  Pop ups/ collaborative events around and outside the city. We are working closely with several artists to mold their image through the help of our talents… graphic design, poetry, and styling, etc. etc.

(Interview by Dena Fromberg, Local Music Director)