DJ of the Week~ Miles Cameron


Intermediate driver Miles Cameron hails from Seattle and is a sophomore at UPS pursing a Communications major. When he’s not driving intermediately or studying; he’s on air at KUPS educating us on hip-hop originating from various places around the country.

What kind of show do you have and how long have you been a DJ with KUPS?

This is my third semester being a DJ. Last year my show focused on the samples in hip-hop songs.

This semester, I play hip-hop from a different region in the U.S each week. So I had a show where all the songs were out of Houston, another week was all from Memphis—those are probably the two most distinct regions of hip-hop outside of New York. I try to find a signature sound within an area and think of why that particular area developed that particular style. For example, the creation of Houston’s “chopped and screwed” style, where songs are slowed down and slurred, was heavily influenced by the widespread use of codeine in the Houston area during the early 2000’s.

What was the first concert that you attended?

I went to a John Lee Hooker concert when I was a little boy. My parents are cool.

What was the first CD/vinyl/cassette tape/music item that you bought?

I remember listening to Linkin Park’s timeless classic “Meteora” on my CD player when I was in like second grade

What is your number one musical guilty pleasure?


If you could invite one musician to come and co-DJ with you for one show, who would it be?

Nate Gelber

How did you first get into the music that you play on your show?

When I was in middle school, I found Macklemore on the internet and thought he was incredible. This was before “The Heist” and all that. Some songs on “Language of My World” referenced Seattle, and I thought that was tight because those were the first hip-hop lyrics that I could relate to. He’s probably a huge reason why I started to really pay attention to lyrics.

From there, my older brother has introduced me to a lot of better hip-hop. He’s a scholar and sometimes I’ll still ask him for songs to add to my playlists.

What inspired the show name ‘Continental Cuts’?

It’s hip-hop by region, going across the country of America. Not all the way across the continent, just the country. So I guess it’s a little misleading. I also like names that start with the same letter.

What is your favorite part about your show?

Finding and learning about new music. My show this year really allows me to do this. I’ve been listening to artists I’ve never heard of and researching hip-hop subcultures. It’s fun creating the playlists.

And now, an opportunity to delve into the hip-hop scene of Philadelphia courtesy of  DJ MoneyMilesC

~explicit content, use your discretion~

Reef the Lost Cauze- Sound of Philadelphia

Jamal- Keep it Real

The Last Emperor- Away From the Sun

The Last Emperor- Prisoner

Beanie Sigel- Feel it in the Air

The High and the Mighty- The Meaning

The Roots- What They Do

The Roots- Dynamite!

The Roots- Tip the Scale

Vinnie Paz- Cheesesteaks

Bahamadia- Uknowhowwedu

Cassidy- Celebrate

The Ambassador- When it’s on in the Whirlwind

Phanatik- Press On

DJ Jazzy Jeff- Break it Down