Liam O’Mahony, DJ of the Week

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Hometown: Glendora, CA
Year: Sophomore
Show: “Free Space”


What kind of show do you have?

“My show is called Free Space. It’s a little hard to describe but basically I want to explore notions of humanity in music that seems to be inhuman. When techno was first emerging in Detroit it was talked about as the music of machines, its lack of humanity is what made it so intriguing. At the same time there was something about this robotic music that provoked very raw emotion. I think this idea of emotion interfaced through technology is relevant to our current world. I think about how much of my communication with other people takes place electronically. I have friends I have never met face to face, I feel up to date on the lives of people I haven’t seen in years, things that would be hard to explain to someone 50 years ago. It’s hard to explain exactly how I’m going to explore this musically but there is a very specific sound I’m going for and if you tune in I think it will all make sense.”

How long have you been a DJ?

“I’ve been a DJ since my first semester. So, this is my third semester.”

What was your first CD/ cassette/ vinyl?

“My dad gave me “Equal Rights” by Peter Tosh. The idea of 5 year old me listening to reggae music about civil rights/apartheid is kind of funny. It definitely started a lifelong love of reggae that turned me on to dub music, early dubstep/UK bass music and eventually dub techno. I think Rhythm & Sound might be the best musical group of all time. I actually know the first song I ever technically heard. Apparently “How Sweet it is to be Loved By You” was playing in the hospital while I was born. I don’t know the first cassette I ever owned but I do remember my mom playing “Killing An Arab” by The Cure in the car a lot. It’s funny because I never really owned many cassettes but I run a cassette label now. My parents had a lot of records growing up, but the first record I ever bought for myself was probably a used record. I have no idea what it was though. I remember the first record I remember was one my dad had on his desk, it was either JFK’s inauguration or funeral. Not very musical, but very cool.”

Do you remember your first concert?

“I think my first concert I went to see Green Day in 2004. I went with my dad and it was a tenth birthday present and I got tickets to see them in San Diego because I couldn’t make the LA show because I had a Cub Scout meeting.”

What’s your guilty pleasure album, song, or artist?

“It’s kind of cliche to say this but I’m not guilty about anything I listen to. I guess there are things you wouldn’t expect me to love as much as I do. I listen to a lot of mid to late 2000’s hip hop. I think Lil Wayne was the best rapper in the world for a few years during that are. I listen to a lot of Soulja Boy. I think drill music is absolutely genius and that we as a society have yet to wrap our heads around how good it is. I also have love for boy band music, Summertime Girls by LFO is one of my favorites. It’s such a ridiculous song, just completely mindless pop and I love it.”

Who’s your musical style icon?

“Sade! She’s my icon in general, she’s great.”

What artist has been consistent throughout your life?

“The Beach Boys, I’ve always liked them. And The Cure. Those are the two artists I’ve listened to forever.”

Who is another DJ you really enjoy at KUPS?

“Lee Ritchie”

Interview by Giselle Morgan