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  • Changing of the guard at the end of the year DJ BBQ. Current General Manager Chloe introduces new GM will Winston right before the awards ceremony. Thanks to everyone for a great year! ??
  • Check out Andrea's interview w Liam O'Ma'Honey on ???
  • In-Studio with Them Are Us Too
  • Lobsana in Club Rendezvous! Stop by and see some tru beauty ???
  • Come see these shinning faces and incredible hip hop artists!! ?
  • Wild things soon to be happening at Grit City Grindhouse tonight at 730! Come see All Your Friend's Friends Hip Hop Show
  • Kelli Frances Corrado making dreams come tru! ???
  • An enchanting performance by Nightspace last night! ?
  • Everyone is excited about KUPS! Come to McIntyre 103 to watch Wayne's World at 7 pm tonight!!
  • COME BOWL! W chilly willy??Chalet bowl 5$ unlimited bowling
  • Come get some tickets in the sub!! For our hip hop show this Friday at Grit City Grindhouse! Tickets are 7$
  • KUPS boombox walk today! #KUPSpledgedrive #seanbustsamove

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